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As a company specialising in temporary work, we offer our experience and expertise to help you succeed in business.

We believe that suitably qualified employees are a key component of any organisation, which is why our services include effective candidate matching and organisation development support.

With us, you not only get expert help, but also the confidence that your business has a permanent partner ready to help in any situation. With us, you will save time and costs associated with the recruitment process and increase the efficiency of your business.


Leaseback is a service that involves an external company hiring the entrepreneur's employees and seconding them to work within the client's structures. This allows the entrepreneur to leave only key employees with his or her company, which translates into reduced premium costs and expenses related to severance and redundancy. Matchmaker also assumes responsibility for employees and offices.

A client who opts for the leaseback service also has the opportunity to retain tried-and-tested professionals, as Matchmaker hires and assigns them to work for its company. In addition, with the service comes the benefit of optimum employee record-keeping, as those posted do not appear in the client's company record. Leaseback is also attractive to entrepreneurs who want to reduce administration costs, as Matchmaker takes care of the HR and payroll services, which translates into lower costs for the HR and payroll department.

Employment flexibility

Transferred responsibility

A well-tested team

Optimal recording


An staff leasing service is particularly attractive for companies looking to reduce headcount and hire only key employees, leading to lower contribution costs and expenditure on severance and redundancy payments. In addition, outsourcing HR and payroll services to a provider such as Matchmaker makes it possible to reduce costs associated with the HR and payroll department.

It is worth considering using an staff leasing service, especially if you are looking for convenient solutions related to temporary work regulations, regulating, among other things, the settlement of holidays or deadlines for termination and extension of contracts. Thanks to the fact that the employees posted by the service provider do not appear in the company's register, it is possible to avoid unnecessary formalities and administrative burdens.

Cost reduction

Employment flexibility

Time saving



As an employment agency, we offer our clients recruitment services that include a comprehensive approach to the employee recruitment process. Our team of specialist recruiters carefully analyse client requirements and carry out a careful screening process to find the best candidates. We use a variety of sources to source candidates, including job portals, social networks, recommendations from current and former employees, as well as utilising our candidate database.

Our goal is to provide clients with the best employees who meet the requirements of the position and fit the company culture. We also offer recruitment consultancy services to help our clients improve their recruitment strategies and become more effective in attracting the best candidates. With our experience and expertise, we are able to provide clients with high quality recruitment services that benefit them with the best employees and increased productivity.

Valuable applicants

Increased profits

Time saving

Expense reduction

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